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Understanding ourselves is the most important way we can create intentional changes in our lives.

Looking into our past experiences, including things we have hidden far down within ourselves, holds the key to understanding why we engage in particular behaviours, or why we currently hold specific thoughts and beliefs.

When these thoughts and beliefs are positive - particularly about ourselves - we can develop positive and constructive behaviours to achieve amazing things in life. If our past experience has been negative though we are more likely to have negative thoughts about ourselves, which leads to engaging in negative and sometimes harmful or destructive behaviours.

By connecting our hidden and known thoughts about ourselves, we can make positive change. We can view experiences that occurred in childhood with an adult perspective, and see how the actions of others in our lives have influenced the way we think and believe now. Through this understanding we can also make changes in the behaviours we carry out that are based on those thoughts.

This is hard work, and it takes the skills and training of an experienced psychotherapist to be able to guide us through these difficult insights. Using different methods of talking therapy known as psychotherapy, the therapist and the patient can explore the past, examine the present and develop healthy, effective coping strategies for the future.

There are many different types of psychotherapy; it is a general term covering a number of individual approaches to treatment, all which focus on talking therapy methods. For deeper understanding many clients benefit from psychoanalysis, allowing the subconscious and the conscious mind to come into harmony, addressing hidden or repressed issues from the past.

Recovery Is A Journey

At the Mayfair Therapy Practice our psychotherapists are able to draw from all of these different approaches, creating a bespoke treatment plan for each client. We utilise a holistic or whole person methodology, addressing the issues the client brings to each session while also moving them forward in their journey towards growth and change.

We see clients with a range of issues they wish to address through work with a psychotherapist. This can include substance abuse recovery, alcohol addiction recovery, help with food addictions, gambling or sex addiction recovery, as well as addressing other types of negative or harmful behaviour.

Clients may also come to the practice for assistance with relationships, counselling for grief, to address past or current trauma, treatment for PTSD or for issues around depression, anxiety or other types of diagnosed and undiagnosed conditions.

A Focus On Our Clients

Each of our clients is a unique individual, and gets his or her own treatment plan which they will assist in developing in discussion with their psychotherapist. Their pathway to treatment may include art therapy, talking therapy, role play or specifically integrated approaches based on their own individual needs.

Psychotherapy is a deeply personal and insightful process, where the client and therapist work together, exploring issues from the past and present and using them to develop healthier, more effective coping skills for the future.

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